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Tudaloo Pro

Tudaloo Pro

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Elevate your bathroom to a realm of sophisticated comfort with Tudaloo Pro, the electric toilet seat that redefines toilet hygiene. With adjustable temperature settings for water, seat, and air dryer, Tudaloo Pro ensures a personalised cleansing experience. Its simple, elegant design, coupled with instant heating and multiple wash modes, offers both luxury and efficiency. Installation is quick, and the wash functions can operate without power, saving you money in summer. Embrace the Tudaloo Pro for unmatched cleanliness and sophistication in your daily routine.

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**Check Toilet Fit Requirements HERE**

You will need access to an Australian 3-prong power outlet

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  • 60-Days Risk Free
  • WaterMark Certified
  • Free Shipping

Features you'll love

Custom Comfort Control: Enjoy the luxury of adjustable water (35/38°C), seat (33/37°C), and air dryer temperatures (33/37°C) for a personalised and comfortable experience.

Power-Out Performance: Even without electricity, Tudaloo Pro remains operational, ensuring essential wash functions are always available.

Elegant, Compact Design: With its sleek form factor and simple control knob, Tudaloo Pro adds a touch of sophistication to any bathroom.

Instant Warmth: Say goodbye to cold surprises with our patented instant water heating and thermostatic control for immediate comfort.

Versatile Wash Modes: Tailor your clean with 3 pressure settings for both front and rear spray nozzles, including a 'massage' function!

Safety Seat Sensor: Prevent accidental sprays with our smart pressure-sensitive seat, ensuring the nozzles activate only when you're seated. Perfect for child-proofing and peace of mind!

Self-Cleaning & Antibacterial: The nozzle not only cleans itself before and after use but, along with the seat, boasts antibacterial properties for unmatched hygiene.

Watermark Certified: Rest assured with Tudaloo Pro's quality and safety, backed by its Watermark certification.

Quick & Easy Installation: Transform your bathroom in just 5-10 minutes with a stress-free setup process.

Durable Stainless Steel Hose: A robust and sleek stainless steel hose ensures longevity and blends seamlessly with your bathroom decor.

60-Day Risk-Free Trial: Try Tudaloo Pro worry-free with our 60-day guarantee, and feel the difference it makes to your daily routine.

What's in the box?

  • Tudaloo Pro Seat
  • Installation template
  • Fixing plate and bolts
  • T-Adapter
  • Stainless steel hose
  • User Manual

Installation & Warranty

Tudaloo Pro Manual

Tudaloo Pro Warranty

Tudaloo Pro Dimensions

Tudaloo bidets must be installed by a licensed plumber only. This ensures installation complies with Australian standards and water supply connections are installed to avoid cross-contamination.

It's the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure they comply with local plumbing regulations and backflow prevention requirements conforming to the National Construction Code - Volume Three.

Tudaloo is not liable for any damages or legal issues that may arise from the incorrect installation or misuse of this product.

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  • Stay Warm

    Warm water, seat, and fan options

  • Night Light

    No need for bright bathroom lights

  • Self Cleaning

    Auto nozzle rinse with each wash

  • Air Dryer

    Helps you dry off after washing

Affordable Luxury

Experience the luxury of a Japanese smart toilet without breaking the bank with Tudaloo Pro.